Group Studio Project Fall 2022 App

 R+R  is an app that educates about the different recreational opportunities along the North shuttle route for UC students.

UC  students who aren’t familiar with the Clifton area usually don’t ride the shuttle for non-academic reasons because they don’t know about the different areas of recreation around campus.

To help UC stidents take advantage of the shuttle, and explore the Clifton area, while giving their opinions of the places they interact with.

Why is this useful?
Student Demographics

Shuttle Usage

Contextual User Testing

Experience Map

There are many UC students who may be unfamiliar with the Clifton area and the things to do within it.

Most students are using the shuttle for academic reasons.

From the empathy map:
The passenger recorded being bored and seeing passengers on their phones. 

With the creation of an app, passengers will have easy access to an interactive map of all the stops as well as a list of recreational places they can take go to along the route so they are not bored on the shuttle ride.

From student survey:
Students are usually waiting between 5-15 minutes for their shuttle, which gives context in which the app could be used effectively.

Many students aren’t from Cincinnati, and 1/2 the students from the survey that ride the shuttle are International students

Another note: 
Many students that replied “no” to using the shuttle, responded that they felt like they “didn’t have a use for it,” which gives another problem space to help students use the shuttle for finding new places to go to.

What are the app goals?
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible by all students
  • Questionnaire that leads to personalized suggestions
  • Map that is able to be filtered by shuttle route
  • Welcoming to all students no matter where there are from
  • Simple icon system that allows users to anonymously rate their experiences

App Screens

Video Prototype

*This project was focused on the research and process, so the prototype is not fully designed and functional.

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